Sunday, June 29, 2008

Extended Conlin Reunion at Downata

June 28 was the Extended Conlin Reunion at Downata Hot Springs.

My sister Tracy and I made a point to attend, since we wanted to support Shane Schvandeveldt who hosted it this year. (I especially wanted to support him, since I had recruited him as the reunion organizer last year! He was a willing and able recruit!) Shane did a great job! Tracy and I were the only ones there from Bill's branch of the family, probably because Drew Bee was getting married that day, my sister Suzy was having a baby right at the moment, and the rest of you all live so far away or had other commitments. Here's a photo of Tracy with Shane.

I knew that Mom and Dad would be disappointed that they couldn't attend while they are on their mission in New York, and so I took a few photos of the family to share with you. Hope the rest of the family that couldn't make it enjoys them also.

Here are Shawn and Celeste Conlin, who we got to know better when they lived in Soda Springs about 10 years ago. Shawn told me a fun story about my brother Mark. When they were teenagers, they attended Scout Camp together. At the beginning of the week, Mark started talking in an Australian accent, and they decided that Shawn would introduce him as his cousin from Australia, which was nonsense (Mark had grown up in Soda Springs, Idaho for most his life). It sounds like they got away with the fun joke for several days. What a fun surprise Shawn enjoyed when he learned that Mark had married an *real* Australian, and that he's visited Australia several times now!

Ross Conlin is to the far left in the photo below. He and his wife Angie made some beautiful front-porch decorations with solar lights, which you see in the background of this photo, for a silent auction. Tracy bought one which had a little garden shack and two flower pots on it, and we're excited to use it to beautify our porch.

Next to Ross is Mick and Vickie Atkinson. Mick will be retiring from serving as a County Commissioner at the end of the year. He's served faithfully and well for a long time. Vickie just recently had surgery on her hand, and expects to need about three weeks to recover completely.

Here's a photo of Mick's brother and sister-in-law, Larry and Jackie Atkinson. Jackie had also injured her thumb and was wearing a brace.

Lila Hull and her daughter Jerica were also there, but I didn't manage to get a photo of them.

Next is a photo of Geneal and Dwayne Conlin, who will soon be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Since I know their son Scott from my work, they told me about all the fun travels and adventures Scott has been having sounds like a great life!

Here's a photo of Leona and Jeff Wilson. Leona wanted me to especially send a greeting to my parents in New York.

Here's a photo of Doug and Melody Conlin's family.

Here's a shot of Ed and Vicki Davie's family:

We had a lively discussion about who would host the reunion next year. The people who are currently serving missions and weren't there to defend themselves (Bart and Ruby Conlin, Reed and Kathy Conlin) got nominated a few times, but none of us thought we really wanted to do that to them! I offered to host it if no one else stepped forward, and Shane Schvandeveldt said that he will either host it again or will see that the assignment is accepted by someone else in the family. So, it's in good hands.

Mom and Dad (and the rest of my Conlin relatives), wish you could have been there! Hope this gives you a flavor of it!

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ACTUALLY we moved from Soda Springs 16 years ago!! CRAZY how long ago that was!