Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hidden Falls Outing

In honor of Phyllisa's birthday (2 weeks late...sorry about that!), the Utah Conlins took an outing to do the Hidden Falls Hike in Big Cottonwood canyon. We were sorry that Mallory and Parker couldn't make it...they were on an airplane headed to Nashville just then.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.
Joe and Phyllisa's kids on the rock in front of my house:

Joe and Phyllisa's whole family:

The Dooley Family (Isn't Suzy brave to be out hiking at 8 months pregnant!?):

Tracy, Joe, and the kids sitting on a big rock:

Nathan and me (oh yeah, and I highlighted my hair..thanks Tracy!)

The kids at the trailhead. I had to smile at Debbie's pose and easter hat...she's a cutie (along with the rest of the kids!):

The hike and waterfall was great, but the best part was being with family!


Joseph said...

Thanks for getting those pictures up so quickly. They sure are cute kids.

Julie Johnson said...

So fun to hear the news and see the fun pictures. I am deciding it is a great way to keep updated with people when we live so far away.

sillybobs said...

Thanks for the cute pictures! I'll be watching for more. :)