Saturday, June 14, 2008

Timpanogas Cave

Today I took a hike up to Timpanogas Cave, and loved it! This definitely qualifies as one of the best hikes in my life! I went with a group from the Single's Ward, and shared a car with Solange and Ana (two Brazilian women I love) and also Teddy (my new friend originally from Peru).

We took a steep, but beautiful hike up the rocky sides of American Fork Canyon. Here you can see Ana, Solange, and Teddy ahead of me, and the steep cliff to the side of the trail:

At the top, we took a tour that actually goes through three caves, connected by man-made tunnels. After our steep hike, we were happy to be in the refrigerator like temperatures! Here's some of my favorite places in the cave.

They call these "cave curtains" or "cave bacon", which grow as the water drips down the side and the minerals stick.

Some of the formations seem like they belong on another planet!

There was even a little pool inside the cave.

With hands so cold we could hardly sign the guest book, we were still thrilled to have been there. What a great day!

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Joseph said...

Looks like fun. I especially like the paved trail it appeared you were able to hike on. I'm not interested in dirt trails right now - I'll take a prepared one for sure!