Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome baby Lily Beth!

On Saturday, June 28, Suzy and Rick welcomed their third precious baby girl, Lily Beth Dooley. I'll let the Dooley's give you more of the details, but just wanted to post a few photos. Suzy looked great and has been recovering well. She was even wearing her regular clothes, and had been able to walk to the nursery.

Here's a photo of Rick and the girls. The morning before Suzy delivered, I dropped a gift off at their house. I stooped down to give Debbie and Anna a hug, and Debbie whispered in my ear that she and Anna would like a gift too. That warmed my heart and I was so glad she had suggested that, since the idea hadn't crossed my mind. So, this is a shot of the girls opening some lip gloss and toy jewelry of their very own.

Here's a video that Tracy made for Mallory and Parker, since they are still in Nashville for a few weeks. One funny story...Tracy was talking to Parker on a cell phone, telling him that the baby's name would be Lily Beth. He seemed a little concerned and asked if they would be calling her the full name or just "Lily". Tracy went to great lengths to explain that they would call her by both names, and how people like to use two names because it sounds nice, and how it makes her name unique from all the other Lily's and so forth, and Parker finally said...."I just can't understand why they named her after a cow!" He'd been thinking they were naming her Lily BeSS! He was very pleased to learn that it was B-e-t-h instead! That just goes to show can't always believe everything you hear on a cell phone!

I loved holding her sweet little hand:

Joe and Phyllisa's family came for a short visit, and it was great to see them. The cousins were all excited to see each other, and made a little happy noise there in the hospital. I thought this shot of Nathan, Debbie, and Hanna was cute:

Lily Beth brings a beautiful spirit into the room. What a thrill it is to have a sweet new baby, trailing clouds of glory, in the family! Congratulations to Suzy and Rick!

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Junior said...

I wish I looked that good after delivery. Where did she have Lily? That is so sweet!