Sunday, August 24, 2008

AJ in the hospital

On Friday night, I received a phone call from my brother Joe. His son AJ, who is 8 or 10 months old, was having serious breathing problems and was in the hospital in Tooele. The hospital wanted to transfer AJ to Primary Children's Medical Center for treatment, and so I spent the night at Joe's home in Tooele with his three other children so that he and Phyllisa could get AJ situated in the other hospital.

When I arrived at Joe's home, a sweet young lady from their ward had been there babysitting. She was so very kind and was unwilling to accept any payment for her services during an emergency like that. Shortly after I arrived, her father and their dog came to walk her home, since she had ridden her bike there. I was touched by their helpful attitudes.

Nathan, who is 8 years old, was still up when I arrived at 10:30 p.m. and was a wonderful host to me. He is still a little too small to pull out the hide-a-bed by himself, but tried hard at it until we could do it together. He went and found the sheets for me, and carefully tucked them in around the corners of the bed. He helped me unload the dishwasher and do the dishes, and helped me find an outlet to re-charge my cell phone. He was so sweet and helpful, it made me love him all the more.

Daniel and Hannah were already asleep when I arrived, and I had to leave early to get home to help host a breakfast for people who were coming to put up my pergola, so I didn't get a chance to interact with them.

As of Saturday night, AJ was still in the hospital. They've given him treatments to reduce the inflammation in his lungs and help his breathing, he seems to be responding well. They won't release him until he can go 12 hours without needing oxygen.

Please join me in praying for AJ and his family.

Here's a photo of AJ sitting on his Aunt Suzy's lap a few weeks ago:

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