Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nathan's 8th Birthday

Last weekend my nephew Nathan turned 8 years old. Since my sister Suzy and I will both be out of town for Nathan's baptism, we threw a special "Jungle Expedition" birthday party to help him celebrate! Suzy came up with all sorts of fun games.

There was the "stick a frog to the wall" contest, which clearly delighted my niece Hannah in the video here:

The kids enjoyed finding toy snakes, frogs, and bugs that Suzy had hidden around the yard. Here's a photo of them sharing the loot after their bug gathering expedition:

Suzy had a brown paper map that showed the way to a lost treasure, but which required braving the rock ledge of death, walking on a beam over an alligator pond, running through a bat cave, jumping over a piranha pool, crawling under a poisonous vine and over a quicksand pit, jumping over spiders' nests, and finally running through a field of giant mosquitoes. (I didn't realize I had all that stuff in my backyard...I guess I just didn't have the imagination to see it before!) The kids loved it! Here's a video of the kids finding the hidden treasure, with my brother-in-law Rick providing the deadly mosquitoes:

The kids (and some of the adults too!) enjoyed batting the piƱata that my brother Joe and his wife Phyllisa brought. We were grateful that the hornets that were nesting in the basketball hoop we were using didn't sting anybody (and I made it a point to get rid of them as soon as I could later)!

Suzy made another of her amazing cakes. I loved this photo of Nathan blowing out the candles, with his sister Hannah and cousins Debbie and Anna vicariously blowing out the candles too!

It was fun day!

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