Saturday, August 16, 2008

Utah Olympic Park

I've been trying to see all the fun things around Utah, and today that took me and my friends Jared and Adriana to the Utah Olympic Park, near Park City.

This is one of two places in the United States (the other is in Lake Placid, New York) where acrobatic ski-jumpers can train.

Today we saw their "Flying Aces" show where some of the athletes take a break from training to show off their's a video of some of the jumps.

The athletes learn to do flips on a trampoline first. Once they are comfortable with controlling their movement in the air, they do the ski-jumps into a pool of water. Just as they are landing in the water, a guy pushes a button that causes jets in the pool to start running that softens their landings. Once they've mastered jumping into pools, they do the jumps that require them to land on the ground. I am amazed at people who have the guts to do that!

While the jumpers are climbing back up the steps for their next jump, they entertain you by having the the little kids (like 8 and 10 years old) who are in the Park City ski jumping club jump off a smaller ramp. They're really cute.

While you are there, you can also ride zip lines, an alpine slide, or even a bobsled. Since the bobsled ride was $60 for about a minute of fun, we decided to take a cheaper route and do this simulated bobsled ride instead:

They have a fun museum with exhibits from the 2002 Winter Olympics. Here's Adriana with the Olympic Torch.

Here's me, looking entirely too smiley for this photo to look anywhere near realistic! Next time I'll do my "intense concentration" look instead!

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Ginger said...

that looks like so much fun to watch. i would be sitting there with my mouth open the whole time