Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dollhouse Dreams

My friend Michelle has a 5-year-old daughter who dreams of princesses and Barbies and such. To fulfill that dream, Michelle purchased a large Barbie dollhouse for her daughter for Christmas. Since she needed a place to assemble and store it before the magical morning when Santa would leave it beside their fireplace, I had the privilege of being involved in all the fun!

Michelle brought the dollhouse box to my home one Saturday afternoon, and we carefully opened the box and spread out the 53 numbered pieces and detailed instructions on the floor of my family room. Michelle and I make a great team...together we were able to assemble the house in about 2 hours. We did need to get out the power drill once, but that made us feel very capable and empowered, so we didn't mind. We were so proud of ourselves and our assembling skills that we took this photo. (Sorry it's shaky!)

Boy, was it a cool dollhouse! The shiny disco ball that hung from the rafters truly rocked! Not only did it have a platinum spiral staircase, but it also had an elevator that you could lift by cranking a handle. The best part, though, was when I visited Michelle after Christmas and her daughter was excited to take me on a tour of her bedroom, so she could show me the cool dollhouse Santa had brought for her. Being an Elf definitely has its rewards!

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