Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Inheritance

Last year my Grandmother Marian Nielson passed away. She wanted each of her grandchildren to inherit an item of hers, and my inheritance was an old fashioned typewriter, which my great grandmother Deborah Allen Nielson had used to type geneology and other things.

Since the typewriter was in Bluewater New Mexico, I didn't receive it until my parents came home from their mission, taking a few weeks to drive across the country, stopping in Bluewater along the way. Here's a photo of my mother and my sister trying out the typewriter when my parents stopped in Murray as their last stop on their long journey home:
We had fun playing with it. It made me realize how blessed I am, typing on this very sensitive laptop where I can easily backspace over my mistakes. I had a hard time typing a "w" on that typewriter, because my 4th finger wasn't strong enough to push the key all the way down if I kept my hands on the row of home keys where they belonged.

So, the next time I'm depressed and feeling like my life is hard, I think I'll spend a little time typing on that typewriter, just to remind myself how good I have it.

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June said...

I saw Grandma type on that typewriter several times and I was always amazed at how fast she was. I am sure she could type at least 60 wpm, maybe more.