Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

My parents were kind enough to invite us all to their home in Soda Springs over the Thanksgiving weekend, even though they had only very recently arrived home from their mission in New York City.

We all had a lovely weekend together. I never cease to be amazed at my parents. Somehow they are able to host incredibly large groups of people at their home, all while making each person feel welcome. We had lots of fun family times together, chatting and singing and playing games. This video showing us all enjoying performance by my brother-in-law and niece captures the feeling of the weekend:

Here are some of my other favorite photos from the weekend:
My sister Laurie and nephew Gideon:

My niece Debbie very lovingly (even though it might not look like it!) playing with the hair of her cousin Natalie, while their mothers chat.

Another thing I did that weekend was make some movies about Soda Springs and posted them on YouTube. They are quite amateurish and I say stupid things occasionally and get tongue tied, but I put them up there anyway. That's because some of the other videos about Soda Springs on YouTube present a negative view, which I didn't think fairly represented the town. I ended up posting 16 short videos. You can find the first one here.

The drive back to Salt Lake City was totally beautiful, and so I stopped and snapped a few photos. Here are some of my favorites.
A farm on the banks of the Alexander Reservoir, just west of Soda Springs:

The sky over Alexander Reservoir:

A beautiful sky above some barley fields and abandoned buildings near Bancroft Idaho.

A view of Caribou County from Fish Creek Summit:

It was a beautiful weekend.


Lori said...

What an awesome trip down memory lane. I loved watching the videos. Thanks for the update. I love seeing your family. You and your Mom will always have such a special place in my heart.

Joseph said...

Fun videos Cindy. Somehow, I'm not able to find or access Part 10, though. I'm thinking that it might be about the grave of the woman whose jaw was knocked off by a cannon ball, as you reference her in Part 11 as if you had already discussed her. Did I miss something?

cindyc said... are right. Part 10 was about the Andersen grave, which has quite the story about a break off group from the Mormon Church, how their break-off prophet told them not to plant their crops one year because he'd received a revelation that the Savior would return that fall, how some of the members then wanted out but were held hostage, resulting in the Mormon sheriff and his non-Mormon possee coming to rescue the hostages. They had a big standoff which involved firing their cannons into the compound, and as a result this 16-year-old girl's jaw was blown off. She survived, married a soldier, had the first white children born in the Soda Springs area, and wrote a big huge non-Mormon ranting story on her gravestone. That was video 10.
I specifically recall uploading it and watching it on YouTube, so I wonder if YouTube removed it. Perhaps her family or the LDS Church or someone else found it offensive.