Saturday, March 28, 2009

Igloos and Ice Museums

Igloos have great acoustics. At least the one in the Ice Museum at Chena Hot Springs did. I’m not sure how the acoustics would be in an igloo you find in the wild, but when I started singing the National Anthem in this one, it was even better than singing in the shower.

The igloo was just one of the many interesting things to see at the Ice Museum. When the resort first set out to build an ice museum, they intended to create an ice hotel with four bedrooms. But, they couldn’t get a permit to use it as a hotel, because, well, it didn’t have a built-in sprinkler system in case of fire. Go figure.

Here’s one of the four bedrooms:

Rebecca and I next to the Polar Bear bed in another of the bedrooms:

Here I am checking out the ice restroom in a third bedroom:

I hope I wasn't being too rude by standing on the bed in the 4th bedroom, in order to get a photo of Ray and Rebecca by the Christmas tree there, thinking it would make an ideal Christmas card photo.

We really liked the ice fireplace:

Although Ray and I were not able to get warm by it:

They’ll be happy to serve you a drink at the ice bar in one of their ice martini glasses:

Unfortunately, the only drinks they can serve there are alcoholic ones (because non-alcoholic ones instantly freeze into a slush in the ice glasses), and so I didn’t try one. Here’s a shot of the folks at the bar who did:

This is called “The Great Wall of Chena” and separates the ice-carving work area from the museum area. The pillars topped with orange globes you see in the distance surround the wedding chapel.

My favorite part was the large-as-life ice sculpture of two knights jousting.

Here’s a closer shot, so you can see more of the detail:

This ice museum is open year round. It costs them only $12 a day to cool it (needed during the summers), because they have a geothermal power plant that produces the electricity to cool it right there at the resort.

It was an extremely cool place. In more ways than one.


Lori said...

Cool...and amazing...

Becca's Blog said...

Wow! That is so amazing! Mark & I have loved reading about your trip to Alaska. What a fascinating place. It looks so terribly cold though! Thanks for sharing all your fun experiences. :)