Sunday, March 1, 2009

Parley Pratt Monument

On the way home from the hike I mentioned in the last post, we stopped to see the Parley Parker Pratt commemorative park, which is located at about 21st South and 23rd East in Salt Lake City. He was my third great grandfather, and a prominent leader in the early days of the LDS Church. He was also a surveyor, and built a toll road through the canyon that links Salt Lake City to Park City, now named in his honor "Parley's Canyon".

Here's a photo of the statue of Parley with his surveying instruments, looking towards Parley's Canyon from the park:

There were stones around the park that had names carved into them. I recongized that some of them as his wives, and descendants. I was a little surprised to see the name of my great grandmother carved into the stone there: Marian Hurley Pratt. It surprised me because she had married into the family and wasn't a direct descendant of Parley, but was married to his grandson Nephi Pratt and then was later divorced. I didn't see Nephi's name there, but wasn't looking very hard because it was cold. I'll have to go back to check it out when the weather is more comfortable. Does anyone know the history behind this little park, and how it is that Marian's name came to be there?

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Paige said...

That's really interesting about Grandma Marian's mom being on a monument in SLC. Cool prespective of Parley in the photo, too. You're quite the photographer.