Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hilo Waterfalls

"This is a healing place" the man said as I stopped to take a photo of this enormous banyan tree, just above Hilo's Rainbow Falls. (Look for the person in the lower right corner of the image, to get a sense of the tree's size.)

"I used to bring my children here when they were young, and now they are all grown up and gone" he said wistfully. "It's important to create beautiful, happy memories, because eventually, that is all you have."

There's something about beautiful places that bring out our inner philosophers. I thanked this man for sharing his beautiful thoughts with me, and was thankful for the opportunity to experience the beautiful waterfalls near Hilo.

Here's a photo of Rainbow Falls itself, which is actually inside Hilo's city limits:

To the side of the falls are these steps, which take you on a trail past the large banyan trees to some ponds and additional falls higher up:

Because of all the rain they get on this side of the island, the steps were beautifully covered with green:

Here's what it looks like just above the falls:

And here's one of the beautiful ponds a little higher than that.

Another huge treat is visiting Akaka Falls State Park, which is roughly 10 miles north of Hilo.

You get to hike along this beautiful trail, through tropical vegetation:

to eventually see this gorgeous falls, plunging 442 feet:

Here I am, very happy to be there.

Here are some of the gorgeous things I saw along the trail.

A bamboo grove:

Bamboo seeds (I think. Please correct me if you know better than I do!):

You see all sorts of plants outside, that you normally only see indoors:

I loved the gorgeous and unique flowers there. Does anyone know what this one is called?

Finally, I loved seeing the early morning dew on this spider web.

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