Friday, April 30, 2010

Final thoughts on Hawaii

Sometimes when you're on vacation, you have experiences and photos that defy categorization. This final Big Island blog post is all about those miscellaneous things worth sharing...somewhere.

Like how amused I was by the conversation I had about muumuus with a man who grew up in Malaysia and then moved to Hawaii for his work. His first Friday in the office, when he saw a female coworker wearing a muumuu, he thought to himself "Poor her! Her home life must be incredibly busy, since she didn't even have time to get out of her pajamas to come to work!" Only later did he learn about muumuus and "Aloha Fridays" where people get to wear their favorite Hawaiian clothes.

Then there was the man who brought his ukelele with him to church. I happened to be there for the monthly open-microphone testimony meeting, when this sweet man came to the front, thanked his wife for coming that day (he had informed her that he would be performing), and then expressed his faith in Christ by playing the ukelele and singing (in Hawaiian) a song about the grace of God. I was totally charmed.

Speaking of church, the Big Island has several cute ones. The "Painted Church" has ceilings painted to look like high gothic arches, but I most loved the palm trees painted on each pillar:

I thought this church in the Kona Coffee Belt was totally cute:

And was amused when I pulled over to take a photo of this cute Hawi church to see a car in the parking lot that had pink "Hello Kitty" hubcaps!

I loved these toilet seats for sale in Hawi, but didn't want pay $250 for them, so just took some photos instead:

Here you see a guy using a special tool to crack macadamia nuts, which are so hard, it takes 300 pounds of pressure per square inch to open them! They're so tough, you can't even pull them off the tree, but must wait till they fall to the ground on their own and then pick them up.

Speaking of Macadamia nuts, I loved visiting the Mauna Loa macadamia nut farm and factory and peering through the glass windows at all the workers making and packaging treats. Here's a lady hand-dipping the chocolate cookies:

And here are the ladies that pack the chocolate macadamia nut clusters into packages.

I was totally shocked to see a guy in a loincloth at the Place of Refuge. He's currently working there, carving a canoe using traditional methods. Here he is taking a break, leaning against a coconut tree:

I loved seeing this grandmother taking her granddaughter to dancing lessons in Hilo:

And had to smile at this warning sign in a Hilo parking lot:

Speaking of hazards, sometimes the flowers along the side of the road are so beautiful, you're tempted to look at them instead of paying attention to the traffic! When Tracy and I drove by these gorgeous bougainvillea, she thought Hawaii was so beautiful that she must move there immediately, and began picking up real estate brochures everywhere we went!

I'll end with a few more flower photos:

Visiting the Big Island was an amazing experience! Hope you enjoyed my efforts to blog about it.


Laurie said...


I really appreciate your efforts to tell about your experiences. I know it can be work for you to get it done. I loved hearing about all your adventures. Thanks!

Lori said...

I'm with Tracy...when can we move!! Thank you so much for your beautiful stories. I loved hearing about the islands. What a great adventure!