Friday, May 28, 2010

Playing with my coworkers

"You're a big jerk! You should have given her more of a chance!" one of my coworkers joked to the other who had just eliminated me from the game of "lightning" we were playing at our team party. At that moment, I realized that me playing this game with my male coworkers put them in a no-win situation.

If they eliminate me, the only woman on our team of software developers, then they're a jerk.

If the one, not-very-athletic woman on the team eliminates them, then they've lost face.

So I decided to be a spectator. I'd just spent a delightful hour playing volleyball with 7 of them. I was tired, and had jammed my thumb during the volleyball game (clearly the reason I missed my basket!), and so was happy for the chance to relax and snap a few photos.

Here's a video of the lightning game, where you are eliminated if the person behind you in line makes a basket before you do:

Here's a photo, for those who can't view video:

I had so much fun playing with my coworkers that day. They are good men. Smart. Responsible. Funny. Fun.

As I sat watching them play the final rounds of lightning, I reflected on how lucky I was to be there. I couldn't think of any other forum where I, a single woman, would have the opportunity to play with these guys. All but one of them are married: some with 7 or more children. They are busy, many with serious callings in the LDS Church in which they volunteer many, many hours each week.

As I realized that in no other setting would I have an experience like this, I felt especially grateful for my work, and the opportunities it gives me. Including, on a few occasions, the opportunity to play with some great guys.

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Paigeo said...

You made that analysis about losing face, and didn't get all belligerent. THAT is why you get along so well in this world. You act on your best judgements. Nice going. I love it when you post videos.