Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dancing in the Streets

I'm a fan of Brazilians....I love the way they express their "joie de vivre" through celebrations, song, and dance.

I'm currently in the beautiful colonial city of Salvador de Bahia, and don't have much time, but at least wanted to upload some videos to give you a flavor of life here.

Here are some men dancing in the market:

I enjoyed watching this man enjoy the music from at a festival related to Black's Rights.

And watching children practicing capoiera in the streets:

Here you see one of the teachers working with a student.

Here are some men animatedly discussing Salvador's two futbol teams:

One of Salvador's teams (Bahia) had the chance to move into first place yesterday, but lost, and so the devoted fans were depressed last night. But that didn't stop the party that happened near my hotel last night, with people marching through the streets until about 2 a.m.

Here's a percussion group practicing, to give you a flavor of what it sounded like last night:

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Me :) said...

That was great!!! The dances are called "forro" pronounced foe-hoe. Brasilians always tried to teach me those moves. haha. I couldn't understand what the 2 men were saying, but I did understand "paciencia." haha. brazilians are sooooooo loyal to their soccer teams, they will have patience until the end. :) So fun to see!