Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life goes on

A novel about a girl who ran away from home and lived in a museum fascinated me as a child. Salvador's colonial center is a lot like a museum--full of beauty, history, art and culture--definitely worthy of its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.

But it was the daily lives of those who make their home in the beautiful Salvador da Bahia "museum" which most captured my attention and imagination.

Some things are true about life, even when you live in a museum.

Parallel parking, for example, can be difficult, sometimes requiring help from your friends:

Few things in life can match the joy of a heart-to-heart chat with your friends:

Except, perhaps, playing games together:

Or flying kites:

Or watching futbol:

Or just hanging out:

Sometimes, you need someone to hold your hand when you're exploring uncharted territory.

Acrobatics are always a good way to impress members of the opposite sex.

There's always work to be done...whether by selling futbol team flags to the drivers passing by:

Or creating art:

Or keeping a watchful eye as a security guard:

Sometimes, you have to say "no", like to pesky tourists who want to take a photo of your hair-do:

Most of all, one thing always stays the same in life: our joy comes from our connections with others.

I remembered that truth when Roberto took me to the airport for my flight to Manaus, driving past beaches like this, with the waves relentlessly pounding the shore:

I was sad. Sad to be leaving beautiful Salvador; sad to be leaving my new friend Roberto.

Travel is life in fast-forward. You see beautiful things, make friends, and connect with people. Before you know it....it's time to move on and you realize you may never see these friends again. Connection. Joy. Change. Loss. Repeat.

So, we squeeze as much joy as we can from the beautiful moments of our lives. We photograph them, write about them, and seek to capture them before they are lost in the waves of time relentlessly pressing on.

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Lori said...

Such a bittersweet post. I love the colors and the architecture. Those arched doorways are amazing. Thanks for sharing your trip and observations. I will miss South America.