Monday, January 3, 2011

Sailing the Day Away

Parati sits on the Bay of Ilha Grande, which has 365 little islands to explore.

Here are some images of the lazy day I spent sailing around there.

Early in the morning, I saw the schooner tour people using fun marketing techniques to drum up business, like this guy advertising the "Aloha" line.

And this pirate boarding the Buchanero. When I saw the pirate later, he was calmly playing the guitar for all his guests, rather than saying "Aaarg!" and scaring people.

One of the guys preparing his ship for departure:

Here's my captain pulling up the anchor of our schooner as we left Parati:

He guided our schooner at this wheel, while the eight guests aboard hung out on cushions and pillows you see here:

I enjoyed visiting with this couple from Jersey (not New Jersey, but Jersey the island in the United Kingdom) who had once quit their jobs and spent 18 months traveling.

I also enjoyed visiting with this young lady from Portugal. She and her two girlfriends had just finished medical school, so they took this trip to Brazil together to celebrate.

I liked seeing the other boats:

And the jungle-covered islands:

And the beautiful mountain range in the distance:

We stopped to snorkel among these fish:

Where we could jump off the boat, or climb down this ladder if we didn't want to make a splash:

The first mate paddled out to tie us to this rock:

Sometimes, we'd drop the anchor:

We stopped to play at some beautiful beaches:

Some of which had palm trees growing coconuts:

And beautiful flowers:

One of the islands had a lovely home on it:

With cute "God Bless This Home" signs in front:

It was a relaxing that felt like a true vacation!

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