Saturday, January 10, 2015

Costa Rican Farmers Market

One of the awesome things about Costa Rica is all the awesome food you can get here.  It's a small country (about the size of West Virginia), but because it goes from sea level to very high mountains, it has several different climate zones and so all types of food can be grown in its fertile soil.

Visiting the farmers market is a fun way to see all the variety in their food.  From typical stuff you'd see in the U.S.

to Yuca

to the sweet-and-sour guyabas  (my can eat the whole thing including the seeds)

to sweet-and-sour tomatoes that grow on trees (yum!)

to green oranges

To the squishy-on-the-outside, sweet-fleshed-inside guanabana
To Granadias (which I don't think I've tried yet)

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Colleen Caldwell said...

oh my...yummy. They are richly blessed to have such an abundance of good fruit and vegetables.