Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vamos a bailar! (Let's dance!)

One of the fun things about the ILISA Spanish school is all the cultural activities (daily) and expeditions (each weekend) they arrange.

Here's a little video of our dance class:

They also took us on a city tour, where we saw this statue that people rub their lottery tickets against for good luck.

And this monument about a battle that happened just before the U.S. Civil War where a U.S. Southerner (William Walker) tried to extend his power base into Central America until he ran into resistance from the locals (go them!).

One of my favorite buildings was the "Casa Amarilla" which was the first international criminal court (prior to the one in the Hague), and which is a good symbol of the progressive Costa Rican culture.  Costa Ricans value equality and environmental protection, among other good things, and I respect them a great deal for that.

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